Prepping for the new normal

At Allaboutyou we are busy preparing for when the beauty industry can start to return to some level of normality. Obviously, the ‘new normal’ will be vastly different fromwhat we have all been used to.

Below will give you an insight to how I will make sure you are all safe when you visit.

Personal protection

When you arrive at the studio you will be asked to wash your hands, you know the rules, 20 seconds, singing is optional! 

You will be given a pack which contains gloves and a mask, you will use this at your appointment and then take it with you.

I will be wearing a gown, gloves and a mask also, these will be changed after each client. 

I will no longer have the fur blanket on the bed, just the disposable cover bed rolls. The bed will be cleaned down after every appointment. You know how much I love to bleach 🙂 

Appointments gaps have increased.

I will add an additional 10 mins in between appointments to stop any cross over. 

My Kit

All of you know me and what a clean freak I am, but to assure all, the brushes get cleaned after every single use anyway, Kit is cleaned daily. All disposable items used when necessary. 


All tools are soaked in  Barbicide, 

Which kills all bacteria and it’s super clean and ready for you.

Lashes are now packed away and will flutter their way to you. 

Group masterclasses

We will need to wait for government instructions on what is and isn’t allowed, so let’s play this one week by week.

Anyone who is feeling unwell, please stay at home, follow the government guidelines.

It goes without say, I am soooooo looking forward to seeing you beautiful people again, but it has to be in a safe environment which at allaboutyou, we are totally committed to provide.

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